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Development[ edit ] The DMWD had been asked to come up with a device capable of penetrating the foot-high 3. It was further specified that the device should be capable of being launched from landing craft since it was highly likely that the beaches in front of the defences would act as a killing ground for anyone attempting to deliver the device by hand. The delivery method for such a quantity of explosives posed a significant problem, and one of the concepts discussed ultimately resulted in the construction of the prototype "Great Panjandrum". The proposed device was composed of two wooden wheels, ten feet in diameter with steel treads a foot wide, joined by a central drum fitted with the explosive payload.

Write an article describing an event

We flew A-6s together for a cruise back in the Dark Ages before he matriculated into the Hornet world. In the air, though, Dave was all business, as professional as it gets. You get an excellent and accurate impression of him from his screen time as Commanding Officer of VFA They climbed overhead the ship and rendezvoused in normal fashion before setting off to their assigned work area in the open ocean south of USS Nimitz.

Normal day, normal ops for the pre-deployment work up cycle they were in the middle of. As far as Dave was concerned, it was a standard day in a normal work up cycle.

Another step in the long journey in preparing the ships of the Strike Group and the planes of the Air Wing to work harmoniously for their upcoming combat deployment. The targets, dubbed Anomalous Aerial Vehicles AAVswould drop from above 80K to hover roughly 50 feet off the water in a matter of seconds.

With it, they were able to track these AAVs while they descended, hovered and then zipped away at speeds, turn rates and accelerations faster than any known friendly or threat aircraft.

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He was the first fast-mover contacted by Princeton. The communication was strange and intriguing. He was asked to investigate an unidentified airborne contact. To add to the unusual communications, he was queried as to what ordinance he had on board.

Princeton now wanted the E-2 to guide the Super Hornets to an intercept with the AAV contact, currently hovering over their favorite spot, but now about 20, feet over the ocean.


Though he was unable to lock up the AAVs, the E-2 controller remained on frequency and listened to the entire ensuing evolution. As Cheeks approached the spot he was being vectored to, Princeton advised him to stay above 10K as the section of Super Hornets were approaching the target.

Since he was so close, he decided to fly over the action and sneak a peek. The sea was calm, almost glassy smooth and it was late morning on a beautiful SoCal day.

As Cheeks flew over the spot he saw a disturbance on the surface of the ocean. A round section of turbulent water about meters in diameter. He overflew the disturbance and circled back in the direction of Nimitz without ever seeing what caused the water to froth.

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As he turned away, which happened to be the moment the Super Hornets converged on the location, the whitewater cleared and the ocean surface returned to its smooth state. The spot of the previous disturbance was completely indiscernible.

With no further information on the contact, they descended to the low 20s and scanned with radar, picking nothing up. The first unusual indication Dave picked up was the area of whitewater on the surface that Cheeks was looking at over his shoulder as he flew away.

He remembers thinking it was about the size of a and maybe the contact they had been vectored on had been an airliner that had just crashed.

write an article describing an event

He maneuvered his F lower to get a better look. As he was descending through about 20K he was startled by the sight of a white object that was moving about just over the frothing water.

It was all white, featureless, oblong and making minor lateral movements while staying at a consistent low altitude over the disk of turbulent water. Dave continued his dive lower towards the object, now also attempting to slave the radar through his HMCS to achieve a short range lock.

The AAV then began to rise from its hover. BFM instincts took over and Dave dug nose-low to cut across the bottom of the circle. Again, the APG was unable to lock on the white, fighter-sized flying object now just a couple of thousand feet away and closing.

The radar operators in the E-2 listened on the secure net to what sounded like one of the hundreds of intercepts they had heard over the years. In his debrief comments, Dave, his WSO and the two other crews stated the object had initially been hovering like a Harrier.C onsider the life of Knoxville business man Randy Boyd.

But do so carefully, because there’s an awful lot to assimilate. Boyd is an animal-loving multi-millionaire business magnate philanthropist who, by the way, owns a minor league baseball team, climbs mountains, runs . Fake news websites (also referred to as hoax news websites) are Internet websites that deliberately publish fake news—hoaxes, propaganda, and disinformation purporting to be real news—often using social media to drive web traffic and amplify their effect.

Unlike news satire, fake news websites deliberately seek to be perceived as legitimate and . A good buddy of mine and former squadron mate, Dave “Sex” Fravor, has one of the most bizarre aviation stories of all time.

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It is a story that stretches credibility, so I’ll start off by building up Dave’s bona fides. Consider the life of Knoxville business man Randy Boyd. But do so carefully, because there’s an awful lot to assimilate.

Boyd is an animal-loving multi-millionaire business magnate philanthropist who, by. Step by step instructions with many examples. How to choose your topic and how to organize effectively so you can write quickly.


write an article describing an event

David Bowie and Brian Eno. BRIAN: This human is becoming rapidly out of condition, to find that he is having to write the articles for journalists. It used to be that we would just talk for two hours and then they would claim they'd interviewed us, but now they send a fax saying; Could we have 1, words on the.

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