Write a shell script to exchange the values of two variables that are correlated

One of the functions allows users to create trouble tickets by sending a specially crafted email message to a specific email address. The application has a service that polls that mailbox once a minute to retrieve those messages and create new Incidents. Periodically, that email polling service stops working causing messages to queue up in the mailbox. The process is still running and providing other functions but it is no longer processing the inbound messages.

Write a shell script to exchange the values of two variables that are correlated

After you deploy a Ceph cluster, you will probably need to perform several modifications to it occasionally.

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These include adding or removing new nodes, disks, or services. This chapter describes how you can achieve these administration tasks.

write a shell script to exchange the values of two variables that are correlated

Verify that it has a proper connection to both public and cluster networks, and that time synchronization is correctly configured. Then install the salt-minion package: Run the preparation stage.

It synchronizes modules and grains so that the new minion can provide all the information DeepSea expects. Run the discovery stage.

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Run the configuration stage. To add a new service to an existing node, follow these steps: Running both stages does not hurt. Tip When adding an OSD to the existing cluster, bear in mind that the cluster will be rebalancing for some time afterward.

To minimize the rebalancing periods, we recommend adding all the OSDs you intend to add at the same time. Removing OSDs from Your Cluster In case you need to remove a particular OSD node from your cluster, ensure that your cluster has more free disk space than the disk you intend to remove.

Bear in mind that removing an OSD results in rebalancing of the whole cluster. When a role is removed from a minion, the objective is to undo all changes related to that role. For most of the roles, the task is simple, but there may be problems with package dependencies.

If a package is uninstalled, its dependencies are not. Removed OSDs appear as blank drives.

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The related tasks overwrite the beginning of the file systems and remove backup partitions in addition to wiping the partition tables. Preserving Partitions Created by Other Methods Disk drives previously configured by other methods, such as ceph-deploy, may still contain partitions.

DeepSea will not automatically destroy these.

write a shell script to exchange the values of two variables that are correlated

The administrator must reclaim these drives manually. Removing a Salt minion from the Cluster If your storage minions are named, for example, 'data1. Migrating Nodes Assume the following situation: Now the permanent hardware has arrived for the gateway and you can finally assign the intended role to the backup storage node and have the gateway role removed.

If the node data8 needs the Object Gateway role removed and the storage role added, and the current policy. Stage 3 will add data8 as a storage node. For a moment, data8 will have both roles. Stage 4 will add the Object Gateway role to rgw1 and Stage 5 will remove the Object Gateway role from data8.

If a monitor node fails, and as a result your cluster has only two monitor nodes only, you need to temporarily assign the monitor role to other cluster nodes before you redeploy the failed monitor nodes.

After you redeploy the failed monitor nodes, you can uninstall the temporary monitor roles. There are two basic degrees of a Ceph node failure: In such case, follow these steps: After the disk is empty, add the disk to the YAML file of the node.

After saving the file, run DeepSea stages 2 and 3: To let DeepSea create new profiles, the existing profiles need to be moved: For example, from osd.The above code specifies a red oval inscribed in a yellow rectangle.

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The following list includes issues fixed in CDS Release 4. Test-only changes are omitted. This release includes all fixes that are in the Apache Spark upstream release. Issue(s) Addressed: SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio might not enable you to view or edit values in a "dynamic list " user-defined field.

Issues Fixed in CDS 3 Release 4 Modify Your Application For Profiling The Visual Profiler does not require any application changes; however, by making some simple modifications and additions, you can greatly increase its usability and effectiveness. Section Preparing An Application For Profiling describes how you can focus your profiling efforts and add extra annotations to your application that will greatly improve your profiling experience.
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One of the functions allows users to create trouble tickets by sending . Oracle Database. List of Bugs Fixed. 10 g Release 2 () Patch Set 3. February This document lists the generic bugs fixed in the Oracle Database 10 g Release () Patch Set and all previous Oracle Database patch sets.

Fixed platform-specific bugs are listed in the Oracle Database Patch Set Notes 10g release 2 () for each platform. This document contains the following.

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