Using quotations in gcse essays for scholarships

Even personal statements that are scientific in tone and content might have creative beginnings.

Using quotations in gcse essays for scholarships

North side before restoration North side after restoration Situated on the south side of Chamber Court, the chapel is part of the original college buildings and retains its original wooden fan-vaulted ceiling.

Built to accommodate just over people, it long ago became too small to accommodate the whole school currently boys. Additional seating installed in the re-ordering and extension carried out by the Victorian architect Butterfield allows the chapel to seat people.

On Sundays half the houses worship in Chapel, while the other half worship at the same time in St Michael's Church known as Michlaa redundant parish church central among the boarding houses, which the College took over in the last century.

using quotations in gcse essays for scholarships

Weekly choral services are sung by the Choir in Chapel on Tuesdays and by the Quiristers on Thursday and Saturday evenings in Fromond's Chantry, which is in the middle of the cloisters.

A striking feature of the chapel is its stained glass. The East window depicts the stem of Jesse. Down the chapel's north and south sides is a collection of saints.

Little of the original medieval glass, designed by Thomas Glaziersurvives. A firm of glaziers in Shrewsbury was tasked with cleaning the glass in the s. At that time there was no known process for cleaning the badly deteriorated glass and so it was copied, while most of the original glass was scattered or destroyed.

Some pieces have been recovered. The south west corner holds the largest piece, bought and donated by Kenneth Clark. Five other figures bequeathed by Otto von Kienbusch and two more donated by Coleorton Church, Leicestershire were placed in Fromond's Chantry in Until Victorian times the chapel was divided into a chapel and ante-chapel, and had decorative panelling.

This panelling was recovered by the school in the s and used in the building of New Hall, the school concert hall, the design of which was specifically planned so as to house it. The Chapel Choir sings regular services in the Chapel, as well as other venues.

This consists of sixteen Quiristers who attend The Pilgrims' School and a similar number of senior boys and a few dons masters. A non-quirister choir sings the services in St Michael's Church.

The exterior of the Chapel and the Hall underwent extensive restoration of the stonework at the end of the twentieth century. War Cloister Main article: It was designed by Sir Herbert Baker and dedicated in and again in War Cloister occupies a strategic position on Kingsgate Street accessed via "South Africa Gate", which commemorates the Wykehamist dead of the — Boer Warso that most Commoners go through it on their way to and from class.

Another older war memorial in the school is the entry chamber to Chapel, known as "Crimea" after the Crimean War ofand bearing the names of Wykehamists who died at the siege of Sebastopol. Prefectorial system College Traditionally there were always 18 prefects in College, though since the midth century there have been fewer, 10 to 14 being typical.

Of these, five later increased to six hold salaried offices. Historically, these were as follows, in descending order of seniority: He acts jointly with the Sen: Formerly they took turns to officiate; until recently practice has been to differentiate between the "Sen: Nowadays there is only one Cap: The post of Jun: This is the revival of an ancient office, which was suppressed in the 19th century when the office of Bib: The duties were to do with catering, especially the disposal of uneaten food from College lunch, which was collected in a special wooden vat and given to the poor.

using quotations in gcse essays for scholarships

This vat or tub is still on display in College Hall. Each Officer, in addition to his specialized duties, has charge of a College Chamber day-room. Thus when IVth Chamber was reopened, increasing the number of chambers to six, a sixth Officer was created, the Coll: The post had previously existed informally, but the holder used not to rank as an Officer.

Praes had authority throughout the school; the remaining prefects had authority only in College. Nowadays, while there are still six officers, they have little to do with the running of the school and are mainly responsible for their respective chambers, and there are no other College Co: In practice, only the Prefect of Hall has significant duties outside College.

The present practice is for all fifth-years in College to be prefects. Each officer nominates a prefect from those members of his year who are not officers to act as his deputy within his chamber; any prefects left over are sometimes known as "Jemimas" reason unknown.

The seven senior inferiors non-prefects in College are known as Custodes Candelarum tollykeepersbut this is a purely nominal dignity.Melodies from a Broken Organ, Cori Reese Educacion y Medernidad - Entre La Utopia y La Buro, Eduardo Terren Whales of the Arctic, Sara Swan Miller The Return of Santa Paws, Nicholas Edwards The Story of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the .

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