The right to vote for prisoners essay

BBC's Question Time to be filmed inside a prison 12 May In an attempt to limit the political fallout, there is likely to be a push to implement a threshold that would see those serving sentences longer than four years being excluded from voting.

The right to vote for prisoners essay

The right to vote is not enjoyed equally by all Australians Subsection Title The right to vote is not enjoyed equally by all Australians Summary publication A healthy democracy makes sure that all members of the community have equal access to the political process.

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Australia is a democratic nation where governments are elected by popular vote. However, even though almost all Australians over 18 years old have the right — and the obligation — to vote, not all Australians enjoy that right as a practical matter. The right to vote is not enjoyed equally by all Australians February A healthy democracy makes sure that all members of the community have equal access to the political process.

If you are young, live in a rural or remote area, have a disability, are Indigenous, homeless or a prisoner serving a sentence of more than 3 years, your right to vote in a federal election may be restricted as a legal or practical matter. What does it mean to have the human right to vote? Political participation is the basis of democracy and a vital part of the enjoyment of all human rights.

The right of all people to vote in elections, without any discrimination, is one of the most fundamental of all human rights and civil liberties. The right to vote, without discrimination, is set out in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights article 25 and the International Covenant on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination article 5 c.

Both of those human rights treaties bind the Australian government. The right to vote is also set out in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights article Human rights law says that, in order to make sure that everyone can practically exercise this right to vote, the Australian government must: Where registration of voters is required, it should be facilitated and obstacles to such registration should not be imposed.

If residence requirements apply to registration, they must be reasonable, and should not be imposed in such a way as to exclude the homeless from the right to vote. Voter education and registration campaigns are necessary to ensure the effective exercise of article 25 rights by an informed community.

Can certain people be denied the right to vote? Human rights law says that there can be restrictions on who can vote in an election, as long as those restrictions are based on objective and reasonable criteria. It is also reasonable to restrict the right to vote to people who are over 18 years old.

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Who has the right to vote in federal elections under Australian electoral laws? Every Australian citizen who is aged 18 years or more can vote in a federal election if validly enrolled and not disqualified from voting. You will be validly enrolled if you are on the electoral roll at your current address where you have lived for a month or more.

You may be removed from the electoral roll if the Australian Electoral Commission becomes aware that your enrolment is at an old address.

Prisoners and the Right to Vote | Essay Example

Recent changes to the Electoral Laws in Australia a Changes to the enrolment deadlines The deadlines to enrol to vote and update voting details were changed prior to the November election.

There were more thantransactions during the 7 day period before the election. A person was only given three working days to update their address. The Bill proposes restoring the close of rolls period to 7 days after a federal election is called.

The right to vote for prisoners essay

When it was passed by federal parliament, the Electoral and Referendum Amendment Electoral Integrity and Other Measures Act said that anyone in prison when the election writ is issued would be disqualified from voting.

However, on 30 Augustthe High Court of Australia said that these provisions violated the Australian Constitution and were therefore invalid.

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Prisoners serving a sentence of three years or more are ineligible to vote in federal elections for the duration of their imprisonment. For more on this issue see Prisoners' Rights.

Remote electronic voting was also trialed for members of the Australian Defence Force who were posted overseas. Electronic voting also improved the likelihood of a vote cast by ADF personnel serving overseas being included in the count.

However, the report made the recommendation that electronically assisted voting should be not continued because of the high average cost per vote for electronically assisted voting.

Similarly, the report recommended electronic voting for ADF personnel serving overseas not be continued. If these changes are passed, they will allow the Electoral Commissioner to determine the method of secret ballot.

For the next election, this will mean that electors who are blind or who have low vision will have the option of attending an AEC divisional office where they can be connected to trained call centre operators to complete the ballot papers. How do the electoral laws impact on the right of people with vision impairment to vote?

The electronic voting trial gave aroundpeople with vision impairment the opportunity of a secret ballot for the first time. This meant that people with print disability did not enjoy the right to a secret ballot like everyone else in Australia.

Although the electronic voting trials were not continued, the proposed amendments to the Act are another way in which vision impaired Australians could be fully included in the Australian democratic system.

How do the electoral laws impact on the right of young people to vote? During the election, 62, people joined the electoral roll during the 7 day grace period between when the election was officially called and the electoral roll was closed.

The only exception to this was for people who turned 18 after the election writ was issued, but before the election day.While losing the right to vote is simple in 48 states, recovering it after serving time can be a difficult and protracted process—assuming it is allowed at all.

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For one, our constitutional ideals support the right of prisoners to vote, and. However, some women wanted the right to vote in parliamentary elections.

These women joined a campaign called the suffrage movement. I will explain all the factors of why women didn’t gain the right to vote before in this essay. One long term reason for women not . Short Essay on Prisoners‘ Right to Vote – Right to participate in the political process of the country is a constitutionally guaranteed right.

By virtue of this right the State cannot arbitrarily keep away any citizen from taking part in the political process. The right to vote derives from the responsibility of citizens to “consent”. And therefore this is one right that a convicted criminal should not have, until he is out of prison, and can once again enjoy all the inalienable rights (and other privileges) he would have, and would therefore have the .

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