Swot analysis of regis corporation essay

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Swot analysis of regis corporation essay

Tell us what you need to have done now! Regis maintains an ownership involvement in Provalliance. Franck Provost and Saint Algue.

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Regis besides maintains ownership involvements in Empire Education Group in the U. Africa and Asia Regis Corporation. In its about 9. Regis offers a broad scope of hair attention services including haircuts.

Through their 96 Hair Club for Men and Women locations. Regis besides offers a comprehensive bill of fare of hair Restoration merchandises and services Regis Corporation. Regis Corporation owns several well-known trade names such as SuperCuts.

They besides have their ain complete hair attention line of merchandises called DesignLine. Strength 2- Salon Geographical Locations Regis strategically places all of their salons in locations with high client traffic flow such as promenades.

Having salons located in these countries allows for client flexibleness every bit good as a extremely seeable location for possible walk-in patronage. Regis is besides has salons runing in Canada and Puerto Rico.

Weakness 1- Poor Management After reading many Regis employee reappraisals from glassdoor.

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Employees described direction as unconcerned with quality of stylists hired. Upper and lower degree direction demand to be decently trained and integrated employee authorization which includes employee acknowledgment.

Weakness 2- Poor Customer Service After reexamining many client reappraisals. Some clients complained they were rushed through their service and there were ailments of holding to wait over an hr for their service even though they had an assignment. Presently this industry is comprised with legion locations domestically and internationally.

By consolidating and spread outing. Growth plans for hair Restoration include building of a modest figure of new locations in untapped markets domestically and internationally Regis Corporation. Opportunity 2- Availability of Real Estate for New Construction The handiness of existent estate for new building is an chance for Regis to go on to spread out non merely the new building of salons but besides the building of new hair Restoration centres.

By adding new units in convenient locations with good visibleness and client traffic. The handiness of existent estate will let Regis to accomplish long-run growing aims Regis Corporation.

Threat 1- Downturn of the General Economic Environment Downturn of the economic environment consequences in clients passing less and waiting longer between returning visits to the salon. General economic factors include involvement rates.

Visits to hair Restoration centres would be greatly impacted by additions in unemployment rates and lessenings in income degrees Regis Corporation. Threat 2- Negative Same-Store Gross saless Same-store gross revenues is taking the sum of gross generated by shops open one twelvemonth or more over a certain period and so comparing it to an indistinguishable period in the past.

Many factors affect same-store gross revenues such as manner tendencies.

Swot analysis of regis corporation essay

Regis same-store gross revenues have declined for the 11th back-to-back one-fourth to 2. Continued diminutions in same-store gross revenues public presentation may do us to be in default of certain compacts in their funding agreements Zacks Investment Research.

Section IV — Summary Regis is a well-known trade name name and had been in concern for over 80 old ages. Their salons are handily located in promenades. They have salons located all across the United States and have expanded their concern to Canada.

Regis needs to better on their employee satisfaction in respects to direction and demand to concentrate on bettering client service dealingss.

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The handiness of existent estate for new building is besides a great chance for Regis to spread out in the building of new salons and new hair Restoration centres. A menace to Regis is the downswing of the economic environment. If Regis same-store gross revenues do non get down to better it will hold a immense impact on their funding agreements.Regis Corporation owns, operates, and franchises a chain of hairstyling and hair care salons worldwide under the brand names Regis Salons, MasterCuts, Trade Secret, SmartStyle, Supercuts, Cost Cutters, and Sassoon, as well as owning several hair restoration centers, which provide more involved hair services like hair transplants, .

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Regis Corporation. a Luck company. specializes in beauty salons. hair Restoration centres. and cosmetology instruction. The Company owns. franchises.

or holds ownership involvements in about world-wide locations (Regis Corporation. ).

Swot analysis of regis corporation essay

Regis Corporation, a Fortune company, specializes in beauty salons, hair restoration centers, and cosmetology education.

The Company owns, franchises, or holds ownership interests in approximately 12, worldwide locations (Regis Corporation, ). About heartoftexashop.com heartoftexashop.com is a collaborative research and analysis website that combines the sum of the world's knowledge to produce the highest quality research reports for over 6, stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, currencies, and commodities.

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