Sessional paper no 10 1965

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Sessional paper no 10 1965

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At a dinner on Wednesday evening at the University where the Vice Chancellor and learned Professors together with the directors of Anglia Ruskin were present, Princess Elettra thanked all concerned in honouring her with the degree which she accepted with great pleasure.

The following day a rapid tour took place. First stop was the Marconi building in New Street, now the home of Benefit Cosmetics, an American-based organisation selling various cosmetics in the UK. We were received here by Ian Marshall the MD and his staff who gave us an excellent tour of their building.

Sessional paper no 10 1965

All the staff were anxious to know the history of the Company and what took place in the building. Photographs and more details of our history will be given to the Benefit company which they will gladly Sessional paper no 10 1965 in one of the rooms.

The rear area has been blocked off and a small entrance door adjacent to the old surgery has been installed. The area where the old organisation for travel arrangements and part of the photographic department is now one very large room. My old office, once used by Marconi himself, is a reception area and on the wall various wireless sets are arranged.

The whole organisation from MD down were delighted to see the Princess and are eager to learn more about the work of the Marconi Company. Due to a broken ankle at that time she was unable to come to the UK herself to perform the opening ceremony.

Following this was a visit to Melba Court Writtle where Marconi had his experimental laboratories and where work started on what became wireless broadcasting.

Then a quick visit to Chelmsford City Museum in Oaklands Park where all the Marconi equipment including cameras, and other communication items were on display. A final trip to the Marconi statue at the rear of Chelmsford bus station ended the very quick tour of Chelmsford before the Marconi family were driven to Heathrow Airport for their flight back to Rome.

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As in previous years. If no contact detail appears with the letter then please direct your reply or any correspondence for the enquirer to. Essex, SS8 7EP; ; secretary marconi-veterans. There is thus an inevitable but necessary duplication catering for those Veterans who have no possibility, or wish, to use the internet.

He was buried out in British Guiana aged 19 years, in or around June-July He never kept a diary and, while he did speak about his time at sea, our knowledge of his career is quite limited. Please let me know what information I need to supply you with, date of birth etc, in order to avail of this information if possible.

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