Redesigning business strategy and implementation in

If we see the history of postal and CSI, Pos Indonesia have ever becoming the biggest company in that kind of service. But nowadays, rapid changes in this industry and the tardiness of Pos Indonesia management to deal with the change has made them lose from the competition on the same Industry. Redesigning business strategy is something that Pos Indonesia need to perform at this time to make them more competitive and can join the battle again. The development of technology and infrastructure in Indonesia has change how Pos serve their customer.

Redesigning business strategy and implementation in

The HRM literature and corporate rhetoric alike, make the business-focused HR contribution a strategic imperative. But strategy and practice remain miles apart Ulrich, Today, reengineering has made its way to the top of the agenda, and many, if not most, corporate HR departments have begun to apply reengineering to their own processes.

It will reduce waste, and it may result in more satisfied internal clients; but it will not change the fundamental role that HR professionals play in the business, or the value they add to shareholders.

While processes should be redesigned, effectiveness for a given company must be determined by the business strategy.

The recent experiences of several Fortune companies demonstrate the importance of a working with top management to contract for a new or realigned role before getting on with the task of reengineering. The literature and practical experience of scores of companies makes it clear: Strategy does not translate to a value-adding role when there is weak consensus on the nature of the role and inadequate competencies to carry it out.

Redesigning business strategy and implementation in

Several recent efforts to redesign the function have received some attention See Table I. Viewed together as a whole, three redesign tactics provide opportunities for breakthrough: While each of these design tactics has proven valuable, none is adequate, in itself, to create the level of change necessary to reposition the function as a strategic contributor.

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Contracting for new roles without the competencies to deliver is pointless; redesigning or eliminating work without a consensus from the client organization leads to confusion and dissatisfied clients; building competencies based on historic assumptions about the role risks obsolescence and disappointment.

One of the single most challenging experiences for many HR executives and their staffs is the multiple sets of expectations that define their role. Implementing a significantly different role for the function requires buy-in from a broad constituent base; consensus must be built across several sets of stake holders Olian, Redesigning Business Strategy and Implementation in Courier Services Industry (CSI) Essay Abstract Pos Indonesia as one of company that performing a delivery service and the only state-owned-enterprise that do this business - Redesigning Business Strategy and Implementation in Courier Services Industry (CSI) Essay introduction.

Business process re-engineering (BPR) is a business management strategy, originally pioneered in the early s, focusing on the analysis and design of workflows and business . The collection of strategic themes articulates how business and support units can work together to create the synergies necessary to realize the enterprise’s value proposition.

Business process design can help to identify current and future HR competence requirements, and is often an integral part of developing a human resource strategy.

Redesigning business strategy and implementation in

existing applications and redesigning critical business processes to facilitate ERP implementation. Hence, there are organizational and cultural issues, which determine the of TQM as a philosophy or Business Excellence strategy implementation, which integrates the concept of ERP implementation.

This paper is an attempt to integrate the. Strategy, implementation, and execution are three co-incident determinants of a company or business unit’s ultimate output — its results — that are very difficult to parse into their.

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