Phlebotomy blood and patient

Phlebotomists[ edit ] Phlebotomists are people trained to draw blood from a patient mostly from veins for clinical or medical testing, transfusions, donations, or research.

Phlebotomy blood and patient

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Work to Make a Difference Every job at Blood Systems is one where you can feel good about giving back. As a part of Blood Systems, you will meet these caring and committed people every day, and you will feel pride in helping us provide blood to hospitals for the patients who need it.

Grow Your Career Across Our Business Units In addition to our phlebotomist jobs, look ahead and explore the vast career opportunities in other parts of our business.

View open positions throughout our organization by clicking on any of our other lines of business below. Blood Services Division Our Blood Services Division, which includes our flagship, United Blood Services, has grown to serve hospitals and patients in multiple states across the nation. We offer relationships to community blood centers wishing to expand services.

Phlebotomy blood and patient

Visit our blood centers: Donor Testing Creative Testing Solutions, a co-owned venture, is the largest independent blood donor testing organization in the United States, with high volume laboratories located in several major metropolitan areas across the country.

Research Our transfusion medicine research team at Blood Systems Research Institute is among the most respected and productive in the world.Phlebotomy Training Services - the home of accredited phlebotomy training.

Working with individuals, universities and healthcare organisations. PHLEBOTOMY Medtexx Medical Corporation - 7 - UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS AND BIOSAFETY TECHNIQUES 1.

Assume ALL human blood, plasma, serum, body fluids (semen, saliva, tears, cerebrospinal and amniotic fluid, milk .

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The Vacutainer® System. The Vacutainer® System consists of a double-pointed needle, a plastic holder or adapter and a series of vacuum tubes with rubber stoppers of various colors. PATIENT CARE TECHNICIAN. A Patient Care Technician gives direct care to patients in different kinds of clinical environment.

The PCT I examination will cover patient care, skin punctures techniques, as well as isolation, infection control, safety, Universal/Standard Precautions and terminology.

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In addition to our phlebotomist jobs, look ahead and explore the vast career opportunities in other parts of our business. As the nation’s second largest blood provider, Blood Systems’ strength allows its reach to extend into blood donor and patient testing labs, pharmaceuticals and biologics distribution, blood sciences research institute, plus .

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