Marketing c212 retail store marketing proposal essay

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Marketing c212 retail store marketing proposal essay

Can you help us innovate? An established water purifier manufacturer, with a respected brand and significant market share in India, aspired to disrupt the market which has become clogged with competition offering me-too products, as well as lower quality substitutes such as water in 20L cans.

The company reached out to iBot requesting assistance in creation of a product-as-a-service — so instead of selling water purifiers, the manufacturer would sell purifier water. This would, predictably, significantly disrupt the purified water market by unsettling the competition from 20L cans as well as the me-too sellers.

However, it is essentially a mechanical equipment which purifies water, lacking in any controls and manageability. For example, while it dispensed purified water, there is no mechanism to measure the quantity of water dispensed.

This being the core attribute of "prepaid water" model, the two teams identified a flow sensor after trying out several available in the market. This flow sensor is now the core component of this product design. A solenoid valve was also added subsequently to ensure that the flow of dispensed water could be stopped when the balance in water account of the consumer reduces to 0.

This addresses a concern from Finance function regarding revenue leakages. The client's engineering team started further exploring additional opportunities for automation of the product once they realized that the product can be made more intelligent.

Finally, the pump was also added as another equipment to be controlled by iQu. Once these requirements were identified, a prototype of the integrated purifier with iBot iQu installed in it, was prepared.

The interfaces between purifier and iBot were validated through the prototype. The iQu is installed on this Base Board using an pin connector. These components collectively were installed inside a single box again designed for the purpose. The box itself went through multiple iterations of design for attributes such as placement, fitment, and Electromagnetic Interference EMI.

Special attention is paid to fitment of the adapter-PCB box so that all criteria of the client related to robustness of physical design are satisfied.

This is a specialized effort undertaken by skilled engineers who first understand the functionality required of the product, design the firmware and develop it.

Marketing c212 retail store marketing proposal essay

The firmware in the purifier focuses on the ability to precisely track quantity of water dispensed by consuming the information provided by flow sensor, as well as to stop the dispensing of water when the water account balance drops to 0.

This prevents loss of revenue for our client. The water flow data from the flow sensor is received, encrypted and stored on iQu, until it connects to iBot Hive when it sends the data there.

It serves as the brain of the purifier. This part of the firmware receives the encrypted water flow data, stores it on flash storage, and then ships it to iBot Hive after establishing connectivity. Our target audience are of two types.

One set is the consumers who will have the purifier installed at home, and use the app to track water consumption, recharge water account, and in case required, report any issues.

We engaged some smart UX designers with a tattoo to have this interface created. It has come out so well that we have already received positive feedback from everyone who has seen and experienced it.

These teams have an access-controller enterprise-grade web interface wherein they get to see the status of all purifiers across India, including the details of the customers.

Service teams can review issues reported by the customers and plan action accordingly. Since it is expected that several hundred thousand of these water purifiers will be deployed across the country, it is imperative that the product is thoroughly tested before it is released to market.

Our product testing happened over several levels — hardware, firmware, and software — individually and an integrated manner. Further, the product was also subjected to external tests such as EMI, vibration and drop test. Once these tests validated the product's capability to withstand a sustained operation in normal usage conditions, it was approved for limited deployment, and subsequently for general strategies for higher education institutions technological considerations and practices compare and contrast essay sample college manual suzuki rm retail store manager manual lancer evolution service manual.

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