Levendary cafe case analysis essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Levendary has a very clear and unique business mode which is targeted at high level customer group. It has a very successful business in the United States.

Levendary cafe case analysis essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The new CEO, Mia Foster, took over the company and began looking into the eighteen-month expansion that was occurring in China. He was given free reign from the previous CEO and he needed to be handled with.

First, Foster is going to have to take a look at China and what it has to offer, and then figure out a way to negotiate with Chen accordingly. Foster will need to make an analysis of the environment of China to determine what kind of society she will be doing business with.

Then she will need to look at an analysis of the economy and demography.


A quick look at the financial analysis of China and Mia Foster can start to begin her recommendations for change. They are committed to serving their customers in comfortable, friendly environments.

With the expansion into China, there have been changes and adaptations to the store design and menu selections in the 23 new stores located in different cities in China. Environmental Analysis China has a political environment of a communist state led by one party.

In other words, China has a moderate form of collectivism in which there is government ownership of institutions, and where profit is not the ultimate goal. Corruption is something that happens often within the Chinese negotiation process, so when Levendary conducts business, Foster will need to keep this in mind.

The reason that China is still considered a communist country is because of the limited political freedom that its citizens receive. As new businesses enter into the market, government regulations increase on Multinational corporations, while decreasing for those domestic companies that are locally owned.

Since China has a highly developed level of technology, there is a high use of manual labor as well. With the use of this advanced technology, Levendary can use it to their advantage to help get brand awareness case study.

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When Foster is extending the contracts of those Levendary China employees, she needs to consider what form of law that the Chinese adhere to.

China follows Socialist law, which influences countries regulations that were formerly owned by the Soviet Union. Property is owned by the state as well as enterprises.

Levendary cafe case analysis essay

China has a population of 1. There is a China has an urban population that rose from There is an affluent middle class, with an increase of women in the workforce, therefore creating a growing lifestyle to eat out.

The unemployment rate in China is 4.

Levendary Cafe Case Analysis | Essay Example

The heavy user attends the store times weekly. The trade freedom in China has improved by over 50 points, but score for investment freedom, financial freedom, property rights, and the control of government spending have all suffered double-digit declines.

This could limit Levendary from their ability to give freedoms to their employees while they are back in the United States and it needs to be considered by Foster. The state has tight control of the financial system as it primary means for managing the rest of the economy; therefore Foster needs to be able to handle the decisions based on the amount of government leniency.

According to the textbook, employees in the United States are factual and objective decision makers.Levendary Café Case Analysis Final Case Haley Woods International Management Professor Vogus December 3, Levendary Café Case Analysis Introduction. Free Essay: Case Analysis of Levendary Café 1.

To evaluate the way Levendary Café has entered to China, I would like to use “SWOT” analysis to figure out how.

Levendary cafe case analysis essay

Free Essay: Written Case Submission: Levendary Café Table of Contents Introduction 3 Identification of Main Issue 3 Analysis and Evaluation 5 Operational. Cafe Pownd Case Essay Words | 3 Pages.

Café D Pownd Case INTRODUCTION Café D Pownd is a campus cafeteria, which serves students and faculty, on the campus at .

SWOT Analysis of Levendary Café Strengths The strengths of Lavender Café spring out of their customer oriented policies, the domestic demand, the good service they provide, and the excellent environmental and interior designs, as well as human resource. Case Analysis of Levendary Café Levendary Cafe Essay examples.

Levendary Café was born as a small soup, salad and sandwich restaurant. Under the direction of former CEO Howard Leventhal, who stood behind Levendary’s vision of “delighting the customer”, the restaurant was transformed into a multi-billion dollar firm comprised of.

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