Igcse english coursework assignment 3 articles

Education Articles Education encompasses our lives; it is the foundation of our society.

Igcse english coursework assignment 3 articles

Posted in Coursework by Thornden English Department The Death Penalty The existence of the death penalty in any society raises one underlying question: It teaches the condemned nothing What is the purpose of punishment? We take our lead from one major source, our parents—and they no doubt took their lead from their own parents.

When your young child emulates what he just saw in a Rambo movie, you give him a stern lecture about what is real and what is not, what is acceptable in real life and what is not. When your child tries some crazy acrobatic move off a piece of furniture and hurts himself, you might spank him to be sure that he remembers never to do it again.

So when the child grows up, breaks into a home, and steals electronics, he gets caught and goes to prison. His time in prison is meant to deprive him of the freedom to go where he wants anywhere in the world, and to do what he wants when he wants.

This is the punishment, and most people do learn from it. In general, no one wants to go back. But if that child grows up and murders someone for their wallet or just for fun, and they are in turn put to death, they are taught precisely nothing, because they are no longer alive to learn from it.

We cannot rehabilitate a person by killing him or her. It does not dissuade If the foreknowledge of any punishment is meant to dissuade the criminal from committing the crime, why do people still murder others?

The US had a murder rate of 4. If it does not dissuade, then it serves no purpose. The warning of life in prison without parole must equally dissuade criminals.

A system in place for the purpose of granting justice cannot do so for the surviving victims, unless the murderer himself is put to death. It is hypocritical It is strange that a nation would denounce the practice of murder by committing the very same act. True—as a whole, we are not murderers, and understandably refuse to be placed in the same category as someone like Ted Bundy.

But to many opponents of the death penalty, even Ted Bundy should have been given life without parole.

Igcse english coursework assignment 3 articles

The fact that he murdered at least thirty people—for the mere reason that he enjoyed doing it—has no bearing on the hypocrisy, the flagrant dishonesty, of the declaration that such a person deserves to be killed because he had no right to kill.

If the goal of any punishment, as stated above, is to teach us those things we should not do, then the justice system should more adequately teach the criminality of killing by refusing to partake in it.

It is always cruel In the end, though, death is always at least a little painful. If your heart stops while you sleep, it is certainly possible that your brain will recognize a problem and wake you up at the very moment when it is too late.

So what we cannot help but let Nature do, we ought not to force on others for any reason. If we do so, it might be fair to say that we law-abiding people, who embody the justice system, are guilty of equal cruelty towards criminals who commit murder. These are all intended to be as painless as possible, but they all run the risk of accidents.

Igcse english coursework assignment 3 articles

John Wayne Gacy, who was not afraid of death, was executed via lethal injection—the most efficient, risk-free method. Yet his death did not go as planned. The sodium thiopental entered his bloodstream successfully and put him to sleep.

Education Articles: Importance of Education in Society

The pancuronium bromide was then administered successfully to paralyze his diaphragm. This would cause asphyxiation if the next chemical, potassium chloride, were not immediately administered to stop the heart.

But the potassium chloride had congealed in its tube before Gacy was brought into the room. His death took eighteen minutes, instead of the usual seven.

And whether or not he was in great pain is impossible to determine. Prison is hell on earth Consider a pedophile who kills an infant girl by raping her. The murdering pedophile is given the death penalty, but will probably spend ten years beforehand in prison.

He will most likely be housed in solitary confinement for his own protection, but there are frequently holes in such protection, and the inmates may find their way to him.

And if this happens, pedophiles are often gang-raped, castrated, beaten to death, stabbed, and sometimes even beheaded before guards—who may deliberately ignore the scene—can save them.

Most prisoners consider each other to be in the same predicament, and treat each other quite well in general. But they are still in prison, and despair about their lack of freedom.

What is life like for Zacarias Moussaoui, the member of the September 11 hijacking teams who got caught a month before the attack? A single juror saved him from death. He has, sincebeen incarcerated for twenty-three hours per day in a tiny concrete cell, with one hour of daily exercise in an empty concrete swimming pool; he has no access to other inmates, and only rare contact with guards, who say nothing to him; he can see nothing of the outside world except a tiny sliver of sky—and his will be his life.Jan 07,  · Action research is a form of applied research whose primary purpose is the improvement of an educational professional's own practice.

Action research is equivalent to practitioner research, teacher research, insider research and self-study research when it is undertaken by by teacher educators on their own practice. Cambridge IGCSE writing coursework. 5 customer reviews. Author: Created by Pjennings Preview.

Assignment 3 response to text. Report a problem. This resource is designed for UK teachers. View US version. AQA English Literature Spec B - The Ballad of Reading Gaol/5(5). Igcse English Coursework Assignment 3 Articles. Mep_Hayden_Eng_dd nbsp; 92 Fundamentals of Educational Planning 92 Included in the series: 2.

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English Español 한국어 日本語 IGCSE Assignment 3 - Responding to an argument As you read: Sum up each paragraph in one simple sentence as to what it covers.

Find at least three reasons he gives for not saving the panda. Highlight any language techniques that he uses that you find particularly effective. Freshman Year, I suffered some severe medical conditions. Unfortunately my grades suffered. I got a C+ in Honors Algebra 3 and a B in Honors Physics(semester 2 only) and a B in Honors Spanish

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