How to write an igcse empathic

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How to write an igcse empathic

Partly both philosophical and psychological, partly a moral fable, it is one of Priestley's best known works for the stage. It deals with issues of exploitation, abandonment and social ruin, within the framework of a detective mystery. And just to add a little more spice, it also has hints of the supernatural.

However it is firmly rooted in the English society life of the time, and An Inspector Calls is a memorable play from the mids, written by the popular English dramatist J. However it is firmly rooted in the English society life of the time, and thus is now considered to be a classic of "drawing room" theatre.

How to write an igcse empathic

Additionally there has been a successful revival in live theatre productions in recent years, despite the fact that the play does feel heavily dated. The play takes place on a single night inslightly before the First World War, and focuses on the prosperous middle-class Birling family, who live in a comfortable home in Brumley, "an industrial city in the north Midlands".

There are three acts, all of which are clearly marked with directions for the set and staging, which J. Priestley felt could be contained within one set, with differently lighted areas.

Examples such as this How to write an igcse empathic show that the author deliberately influenced the audiences' perceptions about this character right from the start, in a subtly low-key way. Additionally Priestley is very clear about the physical attributes of his characters and their demeanour, to similar effect.

An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley

He leaves nothing to chance. A key character in the play, and one who controls and manipulates the action, is the inspector of the title, Inspector Goole.

The family are nonplussed view spoiler [but in the course of being questioned are revealed to have each played a significant part in what was effectively the destruction of this young woman's life. Each character has contributed either a callous action, or a thoughtless one. Each episode increases in irony, as the characters unknowingly express views which they may or may not come to rue when they turn out to have a personal application.

By the end of the play each character has reacted according to their temperament, whether they have found the events a sobering experience, or intend to put the revelations and offer of a new way of thinking behind them.

John Boynton Priestley, to give him his full name, was born in in Bradford, a city in West Yorkshire in the north of England. It seems as if his home town might be the basis for his invention of "Brumley" in An Inspector Calls, as he described his home as being in an "ultra respectable" suburb.

A clever boy, the son of a schoolteacher, Priestley went to grammar school, and then studied at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, after a period of military service during the First World War. During the Second World War he became a well known voice on the radio, having in the meantime established a reputation as a journalist and critic.

His output was vast, including 50 plays and adaptations, several novels, volumes of autobiographical works, plus numerous essays and miscellaneous papers. He became known for his common sense attitudes, in a way representing the "voice of the common people".

Margaret Drabble said that he, "consciously cultivated various poses - of grumbling patriot, cosmopolitan Yorkshireman, professional amateur, cultured Philistine [and] reactionary Radical.

Moreland Perkins

Issues of class are raised time and time again in An Inspector Calls. Although the characters seem to a modern reader to be part of a narrow band of society, there are divisions within it which the characters feel have to be observed. Birling is her husband's social superior; he refers to himself as a "hard-headed practical man of business".

Equally, Sheila's fiance Gerald would be her social superior if they got married. This becomes evident when the audience learns that his mother, Lady Croft, disapproves of Sheila as a potential wife for her son. Eva Smith could be disregarded by any of them as being of any importance, as she was a member of a lower order, a working girl "of that class", as Mrs.

At first it seems extraordinary that the very first performance of An Inspector Calls, was actually in in the Soviet Union, before its premiere in the UK in One wonders what the Russian people would have made of such drawing room drama, especially at the time of the Soviet Union.

Yet much of Priestley's work has been adapted for the Russian stage, cinema and television. And on reflection, perhaps it should not be so surprising.Write your Centre number, candidate number and name on all the work you hand in.

Write in dark blue or black pen. Do not use staples, paper clips, highlighters, glue or correction fluid. Syllabus code For examination in June and November Cambridge O Level Literature in English Syllabus code Component Duration Weighting Paper 1: Set Texts (the passage will be printed on the question paper), one essay question, and one ‘empathic’ question.

Empathic questions will include the instruction: ‘Write your thoughts’. structure and form to achieve their effects. Successful empathic responses are rooted clearly in the world of the story or novel. you must also take Paper 5.

an essay question or an empathic question. since analysis of the key words will help you to focus on the role of. International GCSE in English Literature 4ET0 – Issue 2 examination Literature English Part 2 includes examples of empathic responses to questions set on both drama and prose Read Write Reach Cambridge IGCSE English Paper 2 An November 12th, - Cambridge IGCSE .

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