Essays on hare krishna

Based on his name, Krishna is often depicted in idols as black- or blue-skinned. Krishna is also known by various other names, epithets, and titles that reflect his many associations and attributes. Among the most common names are Mohan "enchanter"; Govinda "chief herdsman", [25] and Gopala "Protector of the 'Go'", which means "Soul" or "the cows". His iconography typically depicts him with black, dark, or blue skin, like Vishnu.

Essays on hare krishna

At first it may seem that these words have no significant meaning but they are a part of the supreme mantra in Hindu religion, or Krishnaism, characterized by the worship to Krishna.

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The full version is: This religion states that Vishnu takes incarnation on earth in every era that would establish the law of righteousness and truth. These two names have an incredible power and are very effective as millions of Hindus have been praying to God by chanting these two words for thousand of years.

Due to the devotion, faith and pure spiritual feelings with which these two names have been pronounced by all religious people for so many years, they have charged by special energy.

This spiritual vigour can take anyone into the state of meditation quite quickly by repeating these words. Thus this magic mantra has a very powerful meaning.

Essays on hare krishna

When you say it you request the Supreme God Krishna to take away your pains, failures, sorrows, shortcomings and provide you joy and bliss.

This feeling is equated to the greatest happiness in our life. As to my personal attitude to this issue, I think that every man is endowed with spiritual power and energy from nature but not everyone knows how to use it. Some people can find their joy and bliss repeating this mantra, other people are devoted to the other religious and some others believe just in themselves and are full of power to find happiness and fortune without any words.Hare Krishna by Jana Maupin HUM January 23, The Hare Krishna way of life is more of a Self-Realization than it is of a religion.

Everyone worships God in a different way depending on the person’s needs at the time. Publisher of academic books and electronic media publishing for general interest and in a wide variety of fields.

Krishna, Hare, Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama, Rama, Hare, Hare. – Maha Mantara The Maha Mantara (“Great Mantara”), or the Krishna Mantara is a sixteen word mantara and is believed to bring about a higher state of consciousness or transcendence when meditated, heard or spoken.

The great strength of this very useful and important resource comes from its reliance on both the work of scholars in the field of Indian religions and the evaluations of those who have personally experienced this movement over years of change Highly recommended (E.

Essays on hare krishna

Findly Choice) This is a poignant book. Hinduism is a compassionate religion and treats all living beings from animals down to insects and tiny creatures with great respect as aspects of God, having souls of their own, going through the same process of births and deaths as human beings.

The Hare Krishna mantra is composed of Sanskrit names in the singular vocative case: Hare, Krishna, and Rama (in Anglicized spelling). It is a poetic stanza in anuṣṭubh meter (A quatrain of four lines (pāda) of eight syllables with certain syllable lengths for .

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