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View gallery - 20 images Located in Cornwall, UK, in what once was a disused clay mine, you can discover a rich and abundant garden with over one million plants. Considered by the Guinness Book of Records to be the world's largest greenhouse, the Eden Project is a unique resource center for people who want to know more about nature and the environment.

Eden project

Each of the world's superpowers participated in the endeavor, each creating numerous "Arks" which were the cryo shelters that would let some to survive the destruction that would inevitably result from Apophis's strike. The project was conducted in utter secrecy across every continent; even those who were to be interred in the Arks didn't know so until the final hours of the project, and only the few nations who discovered the Earth's fate in time were able to participate.

Each Ark was created to hold but dozens residents, and programmed to release the occupants at the right time as determined by the onboard A.

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When the general public finally discovered their fate, the world descended into chaos; nations fought nations, riots occurred in major cities, and in cases, Arks were discovered, their guards and residents slain by the frenzied mobs.

Still, the majority of Arks were successfully buried, and their contents were secured for the future, whatever it may bring. However, others intended a different purpose for the Eden Project.

Eden project

After the "Super Ark" capable of housing hundreds of people was created, its new purpose was unknown even to its original residents and planners. On the night that Apophis struck, the military personnel stationed at the Ark site performed a coup lead by General Martin Cross and interred themselves within the Ark, leaving the original residents to their fates.

This group of soldiers were to emerge into the new world as a group calling themselves the Authorityand they would remake the shattered world in the image of one man's vision.

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In real life, the Eden Project is the name of a visitor attraction in Cornwall containing a biome complex which houses various exotic plant species.Project Eden A program of Horizon Services, Inc. Project Eden - Youth Services B St. Suite , Hayward, CA Mission Statement: Horizon Services, Inc.

is a non-profit community based organization committed to reducing alcohol and other drug related problems within the community. In order to achieve this, we will provide, educational and therapeutic services and environments for.

Lyrics to 'XO' by The Eden Project. Yeah, she's in love with the concept / As if we're all just how she imagined / Cause we're in love but just don't know it. The Eden Project is a United Kingdom based charity with the purpose of reconnecting humankind with the natural world and with itself through the power of transformation.

Plant trees | Save lives.

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Eden Reforestation projects reduces extreme poverty and restores healthy forests by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year. The Eden Project in Cornwall has been making final preparations to its Christmas display which opens to the public on Saturday 24 November.

FAQs When is the best time to visit The Eden Project? The Eden Project tends to be busiest during school holidays and on rainy days, so if you prefer to have some space to explore the Biomes and other areas within The Eden Project, plan your visit accordingly.

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