Dragon quest monsters joker synthesise

It is revealed that the Voidstone is the source of the immortality and separating it from the host will disable that immortality. Chirico Cuvie from Armored Trooper VOTOMS is called an "abnormal survivor," and has the capability to not only survive normally fatal physical injuries and illnesses, but to resist damage from certain types of injury, such as being burned alive by mecha fuel. However, as a negative side effect of this, he suffers extreme mental stress from all of the fatal injuries he has taken, to the point of being more or less outwardly emotionless. His early memories include being burned alive and shot through the heart.

Dragon quest monsters joker synthesise

In the Fairy Tail fic NecrophobiaMarion Gremory has one that's ludicrous enough to give Wolverine a run for his money. Vampires in Luminosity have this. Even if someone tears them apart, unless the flesh is actually kept separate, they will regroup and regenerate.

There's only one surefire way to kill one. And Bella found a way around that. This Puppy can survive outrageous injuries. Her list so far includes being dismembered and devoured by a manticore, taking several antimateriel rifles to the chest, and being cut to ribbons by a Minigun barrage. Taken Up to Eleven with Rampage in Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizonswhose Healing Factor makes her flat-out immortal.

She has recovered from extensive Taint mutationheadshotsbeing beheadedbeing blown up, leaping into a woodchipper and even being completely disintegrated.

In the latter few cases, she regenerates as a filly, regaining her adult body in the course of several days. Her healing factor also renders her Dragon quest monsters joker synthesise to Drugsmeaning that if she wants to get drunk, she generally has to poison herself with, say, washing detergent beforehand.

While making her a valuable asset to the team, it only serves to aggravate her; she's a Death Seekerand would like little more than a way to get herself killed, permanently. In the third volume of Horizons, Blackjack herself gains a healing factor of her own, courtesy of Magitek cybernetics.

Even her mechanical parts regenerate, if supplied with - ingested - scrap metal. In the original Fallout: EquestriaLittlepip gains a healing factor after suffering taint exposure. Like the Fallout example below, it regenerates her limbs when she's under the effects of advanced radiation poisoning.

On one occasion, it allows her to regrow an entire leg.


Some ships use digistruction to much the same effect. Lost SunriseTidepaw receives several wounds in a fight. However, when they ask the Clan's medicine cat for some herbs, the medicine cat points out their mysterious lack of wounds.

Despite this, the scar on Tidepaw's forehead has never healed.

Dragon quest monsters joker synthesise

In fact, it's still as fresh as it was when she first received it. Lauren develops one in the Lost Girl fic Mad World. It eventually develops to the one point where she can take the wound of somebody else curing themand then heal herself.

Though she's not as fond of this one. Unfortunately this turns into a major Blessed with Suck when she's captured by a really sadistic Fae, as the fact that she heals from his torture just means he can torture her again. Tails gets one when he is infected by Shroud parasites in Sonic X: At one point, he regenerates most of his internal organs after Tsali tears them out of his chest.

This bites back hard during the final battle when he gets possessed by Dark Tails; the resulting mutation causes his body to start literally falling apartwhich starts to heal him, which makes him fall apart again An alicornwho have world-class earthpony magic can survive being impaled, or burned.

Even with injuries that could kill regular pony hundred times over, an alicorn can recover in an instant.Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 for Nintendo DS monster companions.

Dragon's Den > Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 DS > Monster Companions November 17, Feb 05,  · Introduction. Welcome to the Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker Synthesis Guide FAQ.

I'll be your grateful host, zenithian Thanks for taking the time to read this FAQ, whether your goal is to gain a basic understanding of "what is synthesis?"; you wish to acquire advanced information on how best to use monster synthesis to your advantage; or you merely want to know every way to synthesise 75%(30).

A character is hard to kill, not because he doesn't get hurt, but because he has the ability to rapidly recover from serious damage.

Although it depends on how fast he can heal and how much of a beating his body can take, a character with healing factor will bounce back from severe injuries that other beings can't, often with no scars or medical treatment.

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