Cot essay outline

For this assignment you will be selecting a work s we have read thus far in the semester and analyze it and its biographical, historical, or cultural context. I have provided a list of possible topics below. You are to assume that your reader has read the literary work s about which you are writing but has done no extra research on the historical, cultural, or biographical contexts of the work s.

Cot essay outline

In this paper I will discuss the effects of heart attacks and strokes on the human body. It is crucial to be educated about the heart and brain before understanding these complications.

The heart is split into four main parts; the right atrium, the left atrium, the right ventricle, and the left ventricle. The carotid arteries control the anterior circulation of the brain, which are responsible for movement, emotions, and speech.

The posterior circulation of the brain controls coordination of the body.

Cot essay outline

What is a heart attack? A heart attack is an abnormal function of the heart muscle i. Causes of heart attacks a. Coronary Artery Disease i. Build up of plaque in the artery walls ii. Clot forms if plaque ruptures iii. Blood flow is decreased or stopped b.

Stress on the heart, strenuous exercise c. Artery spasm; sudden narrowing of arteries; can be caused by, i. Cigarettes; increases the likelihood of blood clotting ii.

Heredity, family history of heart complications e. High blood pressure, causes artery walls to become hard and overworks heart f. High cholesterol causes plaque build up, leading to clots and blockages g. Diabetes; sugar build up cause blockage V. What is a stroke? The outcome of a blood cot in the arteries leading to the brain i.

Similar to a heart attack, brain cells die when there is a lack of oxygen flow. Embolic stroke occurs when a clot in an artery near the heart breaks free and becomes stuck in an artery in the brain VI. Causes of strokes a. Peripheral vascular diseases; disease of blood vessels surrounding heart and brain b.COT Essay Template.

Paragraph 1: Thesis Statement. Paragraph 2: Discuss CONTINUITIES. Use sentence on continuities from thesis as topic sentence. Support with appropriate historical evidence. Paragraph 3: Discuss CHANGE. Use sentence on change from thesis as topic sentence.

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Persuasive Presentation Outline Emily Coleman COM Section Vaccines Specific Purpose: My specific purpose is to convince my audience that everyone should get vaccinations. Thesis Statement: Recently, the United States has seen a resurgence of many different diseases that .

Course Outline Se This course has been designed to expose you to a range of topics that will help you understand the economic, business and sociopolitical diversity of the region. The lectures cover a broad range of subjects.

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