C ollapse by jared diamond essay

There was nothing "man-made" about this particular disaster, though it may well be that the overwhelming scale of its impact was exacerbated by the way in which we have developed some of the worst-affected coastal areas. In Collapse, Jared Diamond uses that elemental power of nature as his background, but fills his foreground with an astonishing cavalcade of different peoples and cultures from across the planet. They are linked by Diamond's inquiry into what caused some of these societies such as the Mayan civilisation or the people of Easter Island to collapse, while others facing similar challenges managed to survive. He admits to having started out on this inquiry assuming it would prove to be straightforward abuse of their physical environment that precipitated their demise.

C ollapse by jared diamond essay

C ollapse by jared diamond essay

How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. The starkest example in the book was the ecological collapse of Easter Island. But he or she still felled it.

This is what is so worrying. Its selfishness appears to be genetically inborn. Selfishness leads to survival. Altruism leads to death.

The selfish gene wins. But in a limited ecosystem, selfishness leads to increasing population imbalance, population crash, and ultimately extinction. He suggests that as the ecological crisis brought on by deforestation worsened, the islanders tried to appease their apparently angry gods by making and transporting yet more statues, creating a vicious circle of human stupidity.


And just to show how nasty things can get in a collapsing society, Diamond makes sure to include tantalisingly unpleasant allegations that the islanders actually ate each other on a large scale: But what if almost none of this is actually true, in straightforward historical terms? Hunt and Lipo did not set out to challenge the conventional story: However, as they dug and analysed, things turned out very differently.

Take the deforestation issue. Hunt and Lipo discovered that initial estimates of the date of first colonisation by migrating Polynesians were out by several hundred years. So whilst human arrival on the island did indeed lead to near-total deforestation, it was nothing to do with statue-building, which came later.

Thesis of collapse by jared diamond

The same thing happened on many other Pacific islands, including those in Hawaii. And instead of the statue-building cult being evidence of stupidity and ecocide, Hunt and Lipo suggest that it was actually an important contributor to the success of Easter Island society — which again in contradiction to the assertions of Diamond maintained a relatively peaceful nature over many centuries.

These included lithic mulching using stones as mulcherecting multiple wind-breaks again out of stone and making very effective string and rope out of plant fibres. As Peiser puts it: In fact, there is no archaeological evidence whatsoever for either starvation or cannibalism.

The extreme isolation of Rapa Nui is an exception even among islands, and does not constitute the ordinary problems of the human environment interface. Yet in spite of exceptionally challenging conditions, the indigenous population chose to survive — and they did… What they could not endure, however, and what most of them did not survive, was something altogether different: What happened to the Easter Islanders?

C ollapse by jared diamond essay

For the Easter Islanders were indeed subject to a genocide — but it did not come from within. Instead, visiting ships brought epidemics of new diseases which wiped out the majority of the population — with most of the remnants later carted off in slave raids.

Nor was this the final insult.Collapse by Jared Diamond Essay example - In this work, Jared Diamond explained how civilizations or societies amongst the world developed faster than others during the same period of time.

His main focus was the Europeans; they were the dominant society and . Essay on Collapse Final Words | 9 Pages. Collapse Final Question One In his book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, Jared Diamond outlines five factors that may lead to a societal collapse: climate change, hostile neighbors, loss of trading partners, environmental damage, and a society’s response to its problems.

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